WHO WE ARE – “For the EV people, by the EV people!”

The EV and supporting infrastructure market is at in an incredibly exciting phase of development in the UK. Many governmental and commercial organisations with considerable resources are jockeying for position to claim a stake.

Founded in April 2013, EVDA-UK is the pre-eminent and independent body that represents the interests of YOU the EV owner/driver in the UK.


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To bring together the voices of EV drivers and transform them from individual ripples into a collective Tsunami

EVDA-UK is focussed on securing a “seat at the table” and influencing key governmental and corporate bodies when making decisions that directly impacted the interests of individual EV drivers, with the ultimate aim of encouraging widespread uptake of EVs throughout the UK.

We Need You


In order for EVDA-UK (and for EVs) to succeed, the most crucial ingredient is its MEMBERS, both in terms of numbers and participation.

If you own, drive or have an interest in EVs please JOIN EVDA-UK to help ensure your voice is heard. EVDA-UK welcomes ideas and discussion and urges our members to actively participate in activities and projects to maximise the benefits of EV ownership and impact of collective representation.

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