Get Paid £100 cash to give your opinion on Eco Cars This January 2016!

Get Paid £100 cash to give your opinion on Eco Cars This January 2016!

A little something for the EVDA-UK Members:

Hello EVDA,

I just wanted to get in touch as we have a new market research event taking place this month on the 23rd and 24th January being held at a venue in Wimbledon. Basically we are trying to get as many people who own an eco-car to come down and give their opinion. We are offering £100 to each person for their time and all they will have to do is look at some of the cars on show and give their opinion in the form of a questionnaire. It really is just as simple as this. In addition to owners of eco cars we are looking for others who may be considering buying one of these cars for their next car as we are interested in their opinions as well. There is even an opportunity to earn an extra £100 if you are selected for our focus groups as well.

Up to £200 cash for a few hours, giving your opinions about cars… couldn’t be simpler!

We Serrula Research hold multiple car research events throughout the year on a variety of different car classes. As this particular research is focused on Eco Cars we thought you would have access to a large number of people that could take part.


Eco Car Research Advert

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