Imperial College London EV Survey: How do you use and charge your electric car?

Imperial College London EV Survey: How do you use and charge your electric car?

Dear electric vehicle driver,

We invite you to participate in yet another interesting Electric Vehicle Survey, conducted by  Charilaos Latinopoulos who is a researcher at the Centre for Transport Studies of Imperial College London.

The purpose of this survey is to determine how electric vehicle drivers, like you, use and charge their vehicles.


Charilaos Latinopoulos:

You will help us to understand how people like you drive and charge their electric vehicles. In addition we will get a better insight on the impact that electric vehicles have on electricity demand and the environmental implications entailed. But most of all you will help us to understand how you would change your habits under various conditions so that we can develop applications that will secure your electricity supply and provide you with information and services that will facilitate the charging process of your car, especially for out-of-home charging places. The survey takes approximately 30-40 minutes to be completed and it includes:

  • Questions about yourself, your regular driving patterns and your use of the electric vehicle
  • Two “games” where you will be presented with hypothetical scenarios and tell us what choices you would make under these conditions. Prior to each game you will be redirected to this website to watch a short video with instructions on what you should do. Flash player needs to be installed at your browser in order to be able to see those videos. If you are not sure that you have Flash player installed you can download it here
  • A final, debriefing session with general questions and some free space to write your feedback

The data collected will be used only for research purposes within Imperial College London and your personal information will be kept confidential and secure. Once the study is completed, if you are further interested on the results you can contact me on my e-mail: charilaos.latinopoulos10[at]

Since the participation is voluntary you could withdraw any time during the survey. However, your input would be less valuable to us if you don’t complete the full survey. As compensation, you will enter a prize draw for three £200 Amazon vouchers, once it is completed. The winners will receive their prize by the end of June.

To register for this survey:

  • Email charilaos.latinopoulos10[at] with your personal information (name, email and city)

You will be emailed a token to enable you participate in this survey.

If you are registered AND you have the token:

  • Click the link here if you live in the UK, or
  • Click the link here if you live outside the UK

On the first page you will have to enter your unique token that will be sent to you together with this invitation. (If you have Internet Explorer 11, please try to use another browser like Mozilla or Chrome, because there might be some problems with this particular version).

For any additional information or questions, please feel free to contact me at the same email.

Thank you,

Charilaos Latinopoulos
PhD student
Imperial College London



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