Zap-Map App review by Andrew Fenwick-Green

Zap-Map App review by Andrew Fenwick-Green

Zap Map from Next Green Car Ltd is a public charger database app for locating public EV chargers around the country and searchable from your current location.

Currently it is only available from the Apple App Store for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad but sadly not as a universal app so to use on the iPad you have to use the x2 zoom option to fill the iPad screen, for a cost of £4.99p, a app for the Android OS is coming sometime in March all going well.

Now £4.99 is not cheap for an information app when there are so many free options available to avid EV’er. So is the feature spec worthy of your £4.99 investment?

Read on the Zap_Map_Review and Find Out!

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