Call for EVDA Working Group – EV Policies Issues

Call for EVDA Working Group – EV Policies Issues

Brian Orr, Chair of the EVDA Liaisons Group has been invited, by the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP), to join the Steering Group of 2 significant research studies being undertaken by LowCVP’s Passenger Car Working Group (PCWG). The projects are as follows:

• EV Policy Framework Project;
• Car Buyer Research Project.

At this stage it is unclear just how extensive the projects will be; however, having representation of the Steering Group will enable EVDA to have influence on the study objects and processes. It will also enable EVDA Members to contribute views and opinions to the research – as well as have full transparency of the results.

EVDA, has for the first time, been given an opportunity to work with fellow EV community stakeholders in research that can be expected to impact on future industrial and government policies. This is an activity that is building towards EVDA accreditation as credible voice for EV owners and drivers. It is therefore proposed that EVDA form a small working group in which we can capture the very best ideas and harmonize them in a manner in which they can relevant and credible.

EVDA members wishing to participate in the Working Group are requested to register with Brian at:

BJ Orr
Chair, EVDA Liaisons Group

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