Chair’s Response to the Vote of No Confidence Result

Chair’s Response to the Vote of No Confidence Result


Hopefully you will have seen already that the recent vote resulted in a figure of approximately 80% confidence. I am heartened by the level of support for me personally, and by implication the committee as a whole.

However, it is apparent that there is a small minority of members who are not currently satisfied. It has always been intended that the association will be driven by its members and the committee is simply a mechanism for focusing and achieving the wishes of the members. In order to follow these wishes we first need to understand them, so if you believe that there is something we need to be working on please let us know. A great way to communicate your ideas is to post in the “EVDA-UK Requests” section of the forum – even better, get involved and help us to get them done!

Not everything that we work on can be made public in the early stages, and there are a number of really exciting projects that we have been working on behind the scenes that I just can’t wait to reveal to you. Now that the recent distractions are behind us the committee is able to focus our energies on these again. Keep watching this space for more news! One change that you will soon see is that we are planing to launch a number of projects that are geographic in nature. This means that we will be requesting some more details from each of you to allow us to establish the spread of membership.

The EVDA-UK was founded as a way for the voices of EV drivers to be heard by organisations such as local and national government and commercial bodies; this remains a core purpose of the group. As EVs move gradually towards the mainstream the types of people buying them move from being enthusiasts and early-adopters to the broader public in general. However, the needs of these drivers remain basically the same – being able to get the best out of our electric vehicles with the minimum of difficulty. The EVDA-UK is eager to extend engagement with the full spectrum of EV drivers – from those new to EVs to those with considerable EV experience.


Jaroslav Pantsjoha
Chair, EVDA-UK

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