EVDA Report on Plug-in Car Grant (PICG) Freeze

EVDA Report on Plug-in Car Grant (PICG) Freeze

EVDA has addressed OLEV with the concerns of the EV driver community on the PICG freeze; however, no statement seems to be immediately forthcoming. This reported is based on intelligence gathered, by EVDA, from EV-industry sources. Hopefully an announcement will come from OLEV, in due course and this will be published for the benefit of EVDA Members.

As originally conceived, the PICG had no conditions associated with it. The initial uptake was invariably from EV owners, or prospective EV owners – the service was good – although the budget was consistently underspent. However, in recent months applications have soared and the budget has spiraled – it has been suggested that many of the applications were from people without an EV, or even the prospect of owning one. Grant take up may also have been the victim of pressure selling and mis-selling?

The introduction of the PICG freeze appears to be OLEV taking pragmatic action to review the procedures and ensure that the grant allocation is effective, in accordance with the OLEV Strategy. There appears to be an understanding that for all grants promised (and work delivered but as yet unclaimed) – can be claimed in full.

The PICG has brought a fair amount of work to equipment manufactures and for the electrical installations industry – so EVDA is not the only organization lobbying to have the freeze lifted. However, there is agreement that the limited funds must correctly administered.

EVDA-UK suspects that the PICG freeze may have been aggregated with the OLEV Strategy review and the lifting of the freeze will be coincident with new targets, new policies and some additional low carbon initiatives.

BJ Orr
Chair, EVDA Liaisons Group

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