EVDA-UK: News from Ecotricity for disabled EV drivers

EVDA-UK: News from Ecotricity for disabled EV drivers

Here at the EVDA-UK we work for the greater good of the EV community and when an issue comes to our knowledge we hope our actions can go on and resolve any problems. Recently one such issue has come to our knowledge and that is the issue of EV charging bay sizes.

Now to many I’m sure there is no problem with the bay sizes but to some it is a massive problem to the point it could seriously disadvantage disabled drivers from using the charging stations if they are on their own.

As more and more cars are using the Electric Highway, especially disabled drivers as the Leaf is available on the wonderful Motability Scheme from Motability, the busier the bays become. In some locations there is a big problem, in some services such as Wetherby and Scotch Corner on the A1/A1M in the North, the charging bays are just standard width and should a disabled driver approach the charging bay it is becoming quite common to find one or more Leafs/EV’s charging and the ICE car bay next to the charging bay used also, this has the effect of restricting the space to open doors.

Now myself as a disabled driver, I require to open my door fully to be able to get out with my sticks or wheelchair and after speaking to other disabled drivers I’m not alone in this issue so it needs addressing as soon as possible for current bays and straight away for better planning for future bays.

As such, the EVDA-UK contacted Ecotricity and the Motorway Services Operators to bring this matter to their attention. As such we at the EVDA-UK are pleased to report after our discussions with Ecotricity we received the following email regards this matter today from Stuart Brennan – Head of Public Relations.

Dear Mr Fenwick-Green

You will be pleased to hear I have been told that we hope to have the issues at Scotch Corner and Wetherby resolved within two weeks as a matter of priority (and a timetable being put together for all others to be reviewed).

They’ve also asked if there is anything else you think we should review with regard to disabled accessibility/usability on the network.


Stuart Brennan
Head of Public Relations

Yet again Ecotricity and the Motorway Services Operators have proved what a great customer focused companies they all are! Going from first contact to implementing changes in the matter of a few short weeks in this day and age just shows what great companies are getting behind the Electric Vehicle movement.

Ecotricity has also asked us, if there are any other issues for disabled people to use the charging points and for us to contact them and we will work together to get a suitable resolve to your issue. So, if you are a disabled EV driver and you have a specific issue, please contact me via membership@evda-uk.org and we can hopefully work with Ecotricity to resolve the matter.

I personally and we as the EVDA-UK, would like to thank Ecotricity and the Motorway Services Operators for wonderful quick response to this issue.

Andrew Fenwick-Green
Membership & Marketing Secretary EVDA-UK

“The EVDA-UK, For The EV People, By The EV People”

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