EVDA-UK & OLEV Meeting Update

EVDA-UK & OLEV Meeting Update

We are very pleased to report that Jaroslav Pantsjoha, Andrew Fenwick-Green and  David McMahon had a productive introductory meeting with Rowland Bareham and Michael Coe, (Plug-in Infrastructure Managers) from Office for Low Emission Vehicles on 3rd November.

The aim of the meeting was to introduce EVDA-UK to OLEV, explain who we are, what we do and how we can help them achieve their objectives in a way that meets the needs of EV drivers. The key focus of the meeting was on EV infrastructure with the main points of the discussion being:

● Charging infrastructure availability and maintenance (3G signal, Downtime planning)

● Excessive charging fees being introduced, (in particular considering OFGEN allowing a per Kw/h pricing approach)

● Workplace charging availability and for areas with limited parking availability, potential grants to favour rapid charger installations instead of fast chargers

● Lack of complete and accurate charging infrastructure database and map. All OLEV sponsored charging infrastructure should really be on a dedicated map with full public access.

● Backup plan for chargers that fail (i.e. recognise cards due to poor phone signal) with an additional low cost slow/fast charger point where there is only one rapid charger in place.

● Extend rapid charger availability within and around cosmopolitan areas (namely London, to minimise emissions and reduce reliance on unreliable slow chargers)

We stressed that EVDA-UK could add considerable value to OLEV’s decision making process by providing quality feedback from the EVDA-UK members. To get the ball rolling on this we agreed to undertake an initial survey on the proportion of charging performed on the public network by EVDA-UK members and the issues we face with public charging.

OLEV agreed to revert with suitable questions to put to EVDA-UK members – more details to follow.

We believe this was a great start and agreed to have regular dialogue and follow on meetings with OLEV to discuss the results and agree other areas of co-operation of mutual benefit.

If you want to be involved in this or other areas with EVDA-UK do get in touch.
Our EVDA-UK Forum area will be used for all discussion purposes, raising any further issues or examples re the topic.

Yours Sincerely,

Jaroslav Pantsjoha


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