EVDA-UK roles for It’s Members! #getInvolved

EVDA-UK roles for It’s Members! #getInvolved

As per our initiative to get more EVDA-UK members involved with the running of the Association, here are a number of roles we have available, where we feel we would really benefit!

#getInvolved, its all about making your mark on the development of Electric Vehicle Drivers Association, solidifying our your stand as The “Go-To” Association, where EV needs are well understood and represented.

Liaison Officer [Interim filled by Shrootin Shah]

To liaise with 3rd party Organisations and Government Bodies to solidify the EVDA-UK position as The Electric Vehicle Drivers Association in the UK, furthering it’s reach. Engage and Collaborate on any relevant issues in the Interest of EVDA-UK’s EV Drivers. This is relevant to [any] current or potential policies in respect to Electric Vehicle Ownership, Driving and Charging.

Participation in 3rd Party’s discussion’s, meetings, conferences, correspondence,  in order to manage expectations and identify any barriers relevant to EVDA-UK Objectives regarding EV Drivers’

To work in collaboration with 3rd Parties to devise action plans, objectives, resolutions, policies, to ensure resolution of [any] relevant EVDA-UK objective’s relevant topics

Engage in Any Development activity to identify new relevant Industry contacts and EV relevant opportunities and managing these relationships.

Press Officer [Interim Filled by Andrew Fenwick-Green]

As the Press Officer, you will work closely with the committee to ensure representation of the EVDA-UK is consistent and well represented across all platforms. As an EV Driver yourself, you will need to have a good general knowledge of the EV market & industry, in particular the movers and shakers, and make good effort to keep yourself most up to date within such areas.

The key remit of the role will involve leading all press activity, writing press releases, promoting the EVDA-UK activities and progress through social media, assist with the preparation of materials such as possible photoshop work, marketing literature and website content, research and prepare visual materials and presentations.

It’s a great role requiring great writing skills and confidence with strong verbal communication skills,  – most of all, we are looking for someone who loves being a part of the team and feels just as strongly about “EV Revolution” as we do.

This is not a full time role, a few hours a week is all we ask. EVDA-UK is run by volunteering EV Members just as yourself, and we are passionate about all things EV, – help us make EVDA-UK Bigger and Better!

Member Engagement Officer

You will act as the overall owner of EVDA-UK’s relationship with its committee members and as champion of that engagement with EVDA-UK’s internal stakeholders.

This will be a high profile role reporting directly to the Committee. You will manage communications with members, to include conducting regular surveys, workshops, events and focus groups with them. You may  work with [any/all] EVDA-UK board colleagues focussed on strategic engagement with industry and the public sector, where appropriate and also manage and develop initiatives promoting the recognition of EVDA-UK Full Members, potentially for other EVDA-UK roles as necessary. This will be a self-managed, indeed autonomous role without day-to-day management and you’ll be responsible for developing and monitoring metrics for the success of the role.

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