Planned Response to OLEV Call for Evidence on Ultra Low Emission Vehicles

Planned Response to OLEV Call for Evidence on Ultra Low Emission Vehicles

Since the recent general meeting it has become apparent that there is a degree of interest in the EVDA-UK putting together a response to the OLEV call for evidence.

The current plan is to put create a rough draft of a response using the form at the bottom of
this page and then call a special-purpose on-line General Meeting to edit this document then approve it.

If you are interested in contributing either by suggesting input for the response form, or attending the special meeting, please e-mail olev and you will be added to the list of interested parties and will receive future e-mails about this process.

The special meeting is likely to be scheduled for no later than mid-December.

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9 thoughts on “Planned Response to OLEV Call for Evidence on Ultra Low Emission Vehicles

  1. Matt BeardMatt Beard Post author

    A meeting is being planned – you should receive details of a poll very soon if you are on the OLEV-input list

  2. orrbrian

    I am now wondering if responding to the questionnaire is the right response to OLEV. The priority for EV Users is to be represented at OLEV and to be able to respond to all issues in a constructive and timely way. Knowledge out/ knowledge in. The use of questionnaires is to a certain extend of OLEV being able to ‘manage’ the communications with owners/users and to keep us – at a distance.
    In the recent review of the PiP and PiCG (done by questionnaire) the result are very benign and give a fall impression that we are a ‘contented’ group.
    I think EVDA should take the view that we will not co-operate unless we are give the same access as other stakeholders to meetings, workshops and reports.
    Of course we would have to persuade OLEV that the the EVDA contribution would be constructive and non disruptive.
    I’m not black-and-white on this maybe you think that ‘participation’ in OLEV should come later?

    1. Matt BeardMatt Beard Post author

      If we are to demand an equal seat at the OLEV table we need to have a full-time permanent staff with a transport budget (all the others do). I would love this, but we don’t have it yet!

      We need OLEV to listen to us, but if we try and keep up with the companies that sit around that table we need a lot of money!

      I would welcome volunteers, but I think that people that are in senior positions in EV-related companies would need to be excluded.

      1. orrbrian

        It would be important to establish the principal, with OLEV and possibly other organisations. It would certainly give EVDA access to working papers and presentations. It might even create opportunity to attend event, such a R&D symposia. There many subject on the OLEV Questionnaire, which members will be poorly informed about Q8, Q9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 21, 22, 23, 24, 26 and 28 for example.
        Without knowledge EVDA lacks credibility and without credibility we cannot have any influence?
        Its a Catch-22 – but without influence EVDA’s who raison d’être is lost?
        B.rgds, Brian

  3. orrbrian

    Well I’ve been an EVDA Member for only a month, but I’m very aware that I am hearing nothing?

    Matt has indicated that he has a fair good number of registered members – but I’m not seeing any activity – currently? OK they may be working of the OLEV CforE – but ever there i see no indication on progress.

    If we are going to have a ‘users group’ – then it has to be ‘active’ and if possible ‘pro active’?

    Drive ON!

  4. paulchurchley

    I have made it clear that I am willing and able to take up a full-time role within the EVDA and to fund it but I have had all my approaches and suggestions pretty much ignored.

    In my opinion, if we don’t have a full-time staffer and we don’t have adequate funding then I am at a loss as to what EVDA-UK can achieve. Perhaps someone can clarify that for me?

    1. Matt BeardMatt Beard Post author

      I am happy to have you on board, and you are free to donate to the group.

      The best way to manage this would be to propose something at the next general meeting (planned for January). Perhaps you could discuss ideas before then in the new Forum.

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