Concern: EV Sales vs EV Chargers. Put Your #EV on the Map!

Concern: EV Sales vs EV Chargers. Put Your #EV on the Map!

It has become more apparent that the surge in the #ev sales over the 2014 and indeed some 6000 in late March alone.

The issue of late is, Charging Infrastructure, as good as it may be with all the best growth intentions, it still lags behind such incredible growth in Electric Car sales. And the latter, while much welcomed is causing some awkward queues and backlogs at the busiest routes.

Some Examples of such “Queue and Blockage Issues” on Social Media;

RCDC_Queue RCDC_Queue1 IKEA_Queue need_More_RCDC


So, We know that there were 14,000 odd EV Sales in 2014, and 8,500 EVs were sold Year to Date (2015, April). Thats great.

However, while Rapid Chargers have also grown, we have to-date some 330 Odd Rapid Chargers Publicly accessible to the majority of these 22,000+ < Year-Old EV Drivers, never mind some similar odd figure of existing electric car drivers out there already.

330 Odd Public Rapid Chargers in the UK 2015 April

You can see where I am heading with this.
While Each of the Dealership network, be it BMW, Nissan, Renault, Tesla and others keep their customer records for business and warranty requirements, there is no public overview, – just where are all those EV drivers location. We hope to turn this around.

Individual Charging Network providers do also hold address records of such customer whereabouts, but they are based network by network who do not necessary share such business information either.

There is a growing need to establish a public-view map with (first postcode part) a rough location of EV Owners, – offers enough privacy yet still provides useful information.

EVDA-UK is proposing this method to enable Department of Transport (ULEV) and Charge Networks to fund and install/upgrade charging infrastructure where they are actually required the most.

Be it Double, Tripple or Quadruple redundant installation or bridging the Gaps in the UK, as evident on the Map here.

As a result, EVDA-UK has already released a member Demo Map screenshot of such a map. It was very much static.

Now however, we release the Public EVDA-UK member GoogleMap for the first time.

At the origin of The EVDA-UK, we did not request the address details for our members, but as increasingly become apparent, it would bring a great benefit in as mentioned per above as well as enable EVDA-UK geographical group formations for effective lobbing, knowledge sharing and development of Electric Vehicle Drivers Association as a whole.

Thus, we encourage all EVDA-UK Members update their EVDA-UK Profile records (and get a Freebie) with your addresses DIY by logging into the website or simply just drop us an email (membership[at]

Finally, If you are an #ElectricCar owner/driver and still not an EVDA-UK member, – Join Us and Put yourself on the Map!

What do you think? Share your Thoughts and Ideas on our forum.

Best Regards,

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