Download and Order #EV Blocked Charging Bay Notices #ICED

Download and Order #EV Blocked Charging Bay Notices #ICED

Dear Members and Visitors,

As a fellow #ev driver, – we all know this frustrating time when you reach your destination in your electric Car to get that extra juice and you find it, – Blocked.

This could be purely incidental and accidental, or may it be one of those “i’m only here for 5 minutes” stories.

We have heard all of those before.

If you find yourself in such a situation again, you can now prepare yourself with [any of] the PDF “You’re ICEing” notices. Distribute those wisely.

EVDA-UK Members can Order a Free Dozen of “Firm Message” A6 Cards (You will need to login first, before clicking that link)

You can print and fold the Printed sheet in half without further work necessary.



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