EVDA-UK UK Member Map

EVDA-UK UK Member Map

Dear Member and Visitor,
In effort to ensure we can co-ordinate EVDA-UK activities in the UK, a decision has been made to start with member “visualisation” – the locations (first part of post code) of our members across the UK.
Furthermore, to ensure the successful and on-going development of the association, we intend to setup regional EVDA-UK groups, which represent EVDA-UK interest, which could hold regular meet-ups and Q and A sessions.

As this may improve EVDA-UK’s general “visibility”, we also hope this will encourage potential EV-uptake, and further sharing of charging/infrastructure know-how all members and visitors alike.
Finally, we aim local catch-ups to become a great go-to event for Electric Vehicle owners, drivers as well as curious folk. a great #ZeroEmission day out. Members are encouraged to update their address records by sending an “update records” email to membership[at]evda-uk.org

This map represents a fraction of EVDA-UK members in the UK.

Map is to be updated regularly.

EVDA-UK Membership map  across UK.  @evda_uk

EVDA-UK Membership map across UK. @evda_uk

We Encourage our members to #getInvolved. Being a volunteer-based Association we always look forward to Keen minds with some spare time to offer, managing Tasks, Events and organisation of the EVDA-UK. Our AGM is only two months away, – get involved, have your say and get voted in!


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One thought on “EVDA-UK UK Member Map

  1. Jaroslav PantsjohaJaroslav Pantsjoha Post author

    By First part of the post-code, that’s in the works.
    Looking for setup regional EVDA-UK working groups.

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