Policy Statement: Code of Conduct

Policy Statement: Code of Conduct

Its still early days of Electric Vehicle uptake and infrastructure growth. There are many issues Electric Vehicle Drivers Association can and will address, and all in due course.

For EVDA-UK, Our reputation is an Important Asset – moreover it is fundamental to our long-term success.
It gives our members, partners and the many stakeholders that we serve, the confidence to trust us and have great working relations with us in order to lobby for positive changes, and enable us serve the EV Community at large.

As a result, we must apply our principles and values, in line with EVDA objectives.
Our Code of Conduct gives us all a clear framework within which to make decisions. By applying good judgement to the principles set out here, guided by the values that underpin them, we all play your part in upholding our reputation.

Please take a minute to familiarise yourself with EVDA Code of Conduct,  which implies acceptance, by notion of registration.

Code of Conduct is available on Registration Page and now available in the PDF format, Policy Statement: Code of Conduct

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