AGM Update

AGM Update

With the AGM in just under a week there are a few details that need to be added.

Below is a list of the Management Committee posts that are open for ballot at this AGM, with the current candidates:

  • Chair – Jaroslav Pantsjoha, Andrew Fenwick-Green
  • Treasurer – Matt Beard
  • Membership Secretary – Jaroslav Pantsjoha, Andrew Fenwick-Green
  • Secretary – Shrootin Shah

Any new candidates will be added to this page as soon as details are received. It is worth noting that there is a proposal to extend and rename the role of Membership Secretary on the agenda.

The following post is newly appointed and will be open at the 2015 AGM:

  • Strategy and Co-ordination (a.k.a. Liaisons) – Brian Orr

IMPORTANT: If you are hoping to attend the online AGM, please register your interest here no later than Friday 23rd May.

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