BBC Radio 4 Report re Charging Infrastructure in London. Notes.

BBC Radio 4 Report re Charging Infrastructure in London. Notes.

Jaroslav Pantsjoha at BBC StudiosEVDA-UK has recently made an appearance on this report on the BBC Radio 4’s “You and Yours” programme regarding the state of disrepair on SourceLondon charging network.

Click here to listen to the programme, –  “You and Yours” programme from minute 35:30.

While the report was short, here is the more comprehensive list of notes from the programme.



Finding a Charger in London

Key Issues:

  • While charging network in London is large, growing – which is much welcomed. It’s the working charging point that is difficult to find.
  • However improving the location, description for the “address” bit of such chargers would significantly improve locating the whereabouts of such a charger.
  • With some approximate 25+% of the charging network down, and no known Service Level Agreements for such charging point fault repairs for the average EV Driver to rely on.
  • More transparency is welcomed on the repair and uptime statistics.
  • Better Fault reporting and/or charging point uptime polling method is necessary. There is a growing list of charging points which are showing Online on the Website Map yet they are actually faulty.
  • Colder weather is making this acutely felt with smaller and earlier generation electric vehicles, which would have a very small range of some 30-50 miles.
  • Charging points are known to be reported faulty and remain broken for many weeks if not months. In some cases the charging points get to be reported faulty repeatedly over period of weeks.
  • As a result of the above, The Confidence in SourceLondon charging network is at all time low. This is potentially discouraging for the new potential EV Drivers in the Capital.


Meeting with OLEV

  • As discussed at Office of Low Emissions’  recent meeting, The EVDA-UK  would be more than happy to offer advice and consultation, regarding implementation of the charging infrastructure to any local government
  • With vast and rapidly growing membership pool we are able to establish the key EV Driver needs for certain region(s) and help resolve the [any] critical issues EV Drivers experience in certain areas.
  • We are looking to establish a form of feedback process for local governments and OLEV, where the real EV Drivers, impacted by such specific policies and specifically, their implementations, get to offer their perspective(s), and any recommendations to ensure the maximum return for tax payer’s investment.
  • Critically, we understand that many of such Electric Vehicle policies are often implemented by people who do not own or drive an electric car, and so EVDA-UK is here to help with hand’s on EV perspective.

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