Here you are able to view all our published documentation about any relevant EVDA participated studies, Meeting minutes and any other useful EV Driver PDF material. Recent Media Reports [catlist name=”Reports” orderby=”date” date=”yes”] Academic Papers [catlist name=”academic_papers” orderby=”date” date=”yes”] EVDA Meeting Minutes [catlist name=”Minutes” orderby=”date” date=”yes”] Documentation [catlist name=”Documentation” orderby=”date” date=”yes”]…

Policy Statements

The following policy statements have been adopted by the association: 1. Defined Terms EV means an Electric Vehicle; more specifically a vehicle designed to and capable of being propelled by electric power stored internally in a battery (or similar device) which is charged from an external electrical source. Note: for…


  Name The name of the group shall be “The Electric Vehicle Drivers Association – United Kingdom”, hereafter referred to as the EVDA-UK. Objects The objects of the EVDA-UK shall be: To represent the interests of EV owners and drivers across the UK. To help encourage widespread uptake of EVs…

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